Fort Deposit Community Documents

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Table of Contents
Article I Enactment Clause
Article II - Jurisdiction and Purposes
Article III - Establishments of District
Article IV - Use Provisions for Zoning Districts and Table
Article IX - Off-Street Parking and Loading
Article V - Use Provisions for Special Zoning Districts
Article VI – Area and Dimensional Requirements
Article VII – General Requirements
Article VIII Supplemental Regulations and Modifications.pdf”
Article X Sign Regulations.pdf
Article XI – Nonconforming Structures
Article XII – Administration, Review Procedures and Enforcement
Article XIV – Amendments
Article XV – Definitions
Articles XIII – Board of Adjustment
Chapter 1 – Organization and Rules
Chapter 3 – Alcoholic Beverages
Chapter 4 – Animals and Fowl
Chapter 6 – Civil Defense
Chapter 7 – Elections
Chapter 8 – Fire Prevention and Building Requirements
Chapter 9 – Garbage, Refuse and Weeds
Chapter 10 – Gas Regulations
Chapter 11 – Health and Quarantine
Chapter 12 – Licenses and Taxation
Chapter 13 – Offenses
Chapter 14 – Parades and Demonstrations
Chapter 15 – Recorder's Court
Chapter 16 – Salaries and Fees
Chapter 17 – Streets and Sidewalks
Chapter 18 – Waterworks, Sewers and Sewage Disposal

Additional Announcements

Garbage Announcement
Hurricane Announcement
Zoning Map
Alabama Divisions Wildlife